Goodwood Revival 2018 – Case Study


Goodwood Revival is the currently the biggest multi zone public address system we supply to a client. The system only has 3 inputs (2 from the broadcast OB truck and the 3rdfrom the pit lane presentation microphone)

The system is controlled via a DigiCo SD11i with Stealth Core 2, using this console give the flexibility to insert Parametric or Dynamic equalisation on any input or output.

The main control area is based in the OB compound making communication with the broadcast team very simple. PA control is home to 18 x Toa VP series amplifiers feeding 15 zones. Wether the zone is a grandstand, section of crowd line or a hospitably area with just a press of a button the volume or eq can be adjusted accordingly.

From PA control the signal is sent 100v 2 ways to secondary control areas, each of these areas boasts another 4 Toa VP series amplifier, monitor panel and distributor, the signal is then sent back to PA control to be monitored.

Around the circuit a variety of speakers depending on the area, this year we had in use,

  • 61 Toa CS304’s
  • 26 Toa PJ100’s
  • 37 Grampian 42” Horns
  • 10 Celestion 46” Horns
  • 50 Vitavox 42” Horns
  • 19 DNH Ar15 Horns
  • 10 Toa TH-650
  • 10 Toa SC631m Horns
  • 6 Toa TZ201 columns

The system is fed via over 10 miles of cables and require 136 Ali Scaff poles (7’,8’ & 10’)


As well as the main circuit systems we supply


  • 57 horns (Toa sc615m & Vitavox) to cover the paddock areas, this system is also zoned for complete control.
  • 4 x PA systems in corporate areas for question and answer sessions.
  • Emergency PA to Cover the ‘over the road area’ this is feed via radio link from PA control.

Two 42’s covering the motorcycle paddocks

Back-fill up high to travel across the crowds